My Sweet Addiction: Candy Crush Saga

Let me tell you about my latest addiction… and let me preface this by telling you that I hate social games that hinge on your friends sending you stupid stuff in order for you to advance. But despite all of that I somehow got addicted to Candy Crush Saga. Not somehow, I know how, it’s because my boss wanted to “see how it looks on the (iPhone) 5″ and installed it on my phone (yeah thanks a lot Mikey). So here I am today writing a review for you because I am stuck at level 140 level 153 since no one wants to send me any more lives and I refuse, simply refuse, to break down and pay $.99 to get there (this time).

The ever continuing game board for Candy Crush Saga. Does it remind you of childhood favorite Candy Land?

Speaking of $.99, this game is a veritable cash cow (I assume) for it’s publisher King, especially when it falls into the hand of kidlings who have figured out how to use their parent’s iTunes on their iPod Touch (or their own iPhone, those spoiled little brats). Throughout the game, you can buy tempting upgrades to help you crush the endless levels or purchase a refill on the time release lives. You almost finished this level, but need just one more move? Buy a 5-move extension. I am fairly stubborn about finishing each level with no help, but even I have been talked into parting with a few bucks to this initially free game.

Candy matchin’ like a champ.

So what is so addicting about this cutesy game that can talk an otherwise sensible person into dropping dinero? At first glance Candy Crush Saga looks like another shape matching puzzler such as Bejeweled Blitz, but it is so much more. Instead of mindlessly matching gems for the highest possible score, the game also has an ever continuing myriad of levels that have additional tasks such as clearing “jelly” or growing viral chocolate and bringing “ingredients” down to the bottom. These variations combined with the competitive scoring against your Facebook friends keeps you engaged and addicted; every time you run out of lives, it leaves you craving more (or a dollar poorer).

In the addicting candy-colored whirlwind, there are a few negatives. If you’re like me and play Facebook based games across platforms (for me iPad, iPhone, and PC) the game is very bad at syncing, I play it mainly on my phone and have found if opening it on another platform it will still be about 5 levels behind. This is a bit annoying when you’re really excited to conquer that new level that is really frustrating and keeps exhausting your lives. The music is also very basic and repetitive, but personally, I play with zero to very low volume so it doesn’t bug me as much as it might someone who likes to play with volume.

At the end of the day, don’t download this game if you’re planning on being productive, but do download it if you need a fun and (I’m warning you) addictive escape from your daytime monotony! The game is available for iOs, Android, and PC (via Facebook).

Final Rating: 14 of 16-bits!


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