The Plugsuit Project: Katsucon 19 Edition

When acclaimed photographer Anna Fischer announced on Twitter that she was doing a huge photography project focusing on plugsuits, latex, pvc, vinyl, and wet-look spandex, I was intrigued. I’ve been a fan of Anna’s work for a while now and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this awesome project. She was nice enough to share photos with us from of her Plugsuit Project at Katsucon 19, which brought out some amazing cosplayers – you’ll definitely see a lot of familiar faces in here!


Be on the look out for more plugsuits! Anna has mentioned that she will be working on this and other projects throughout the con season, so there will be definitely more to come!


  1. While, most if not all of these are amazing cosplays, not all of these are “plugsuits” – it should be called the “Cosplay Catsuit Project” or something.

    • sinfinity

      Without speaking for Anna, of course, she did initially describe her plans to us as a “plugsuit/catsuit/hero leotard mini series”…but that’s not a very catchy title! :P Eventually she just started calling it the Plugsuit Project (PSP).

      Aside from the costumes, the project was also about creating a lighting set-up specifically for shooting PVC, latex, vinyl, and wetlook spandex. So perhaps the idea started with plugsuits (since those materials are common in their creation), but expanded to include more costumes that use the same materials. Either way, I love the results!

  2. Jones

    I found what I’ll be rocking at ACEN this year

    • sinfinity

      Heellllllll yyeeeaaaa. Tell me you’ll wear the Fae wig, too.

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