Worbla’s Finest Art: A Cosplay-Friendly Thermoplastic

If you’re a cosplayer who enjoys making your own costumes. props, and accessories, you’ve probably heard the buzz about how Worbla’s Finest Art amazing is and how it has just recently become available in the the North American market.

WHAT IS WORBLA’S FINEST ART? It’s a thermoplastic, which means it becomes soft and pliable when heated, and then becomes rigid again when it cools. To heat it, you can use steam, hot water, or hot air (though the recommended method is using a heatgun). Worbla is easy to cut, works well with spray/acrylic paints, and can be sanded to produce a smooth finish.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT? What sets it apart from other thermoplastics is that you can use leftover pieces by heating it up and molding it like clay. It is very cosplay-friendly and great for making things such as armor, weapons, jewelery, masks, and more.

Here’s an example of what German cosplayers Kamui Cosplay and Lightning Cosplay have created with this wonderful material:


If you want to get started using Worbla, Kamui Cosplay has posted a tutorial on her YouTube Channel showing you how to make a breastplate. Objects with smooth curves tend to be the biggest challenges when it comes to armor-making, and she shows how Worbla can make this process a lot less painful. She has a ton of other great tutorials you should check out as well! (Be sure to sure to turn on the captions if you need English subtitles since the videos are in German.)

You can purchase Worbla’s Finest Art at CosplaySupplies.com, along with other various products, like Wonderflex, Fosshape, Friendly Plastic, and styrene. International costume designer/cosplayer Yaya Han has also just recently made Worbla available through her online store! Be on the lookout for Worbla progress, tips, and tutorials on Yaya’s Facebook page in the future.

I know KitKat and I can’t wait to use Worbla for our future cosplay projects, and sinfinity has actually had the pleasure of using it for armor. She absolutely loves it, so keep your eyes peeled – she has some big projects in the works that she’ll be sharing WIPs of!

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    Very excited to see how our experiments go ^^ This stuff seems amazingly fun to work with

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