Featured Cosplayer: Yaya Han

Yaya Han, one of the most iconic figures in the cosplay community, has been active for 13 years and is one of the pioneers of the cosplay scene. She is best known for making/designing costumes, cosplay modeling, and being an ambassador for cosplay. Yaya is also one of the few individuals to be able to make her hobby into a career.

Wonder Woman
Photography By Benny Lee

Original Steampunk Madam
Photography by Anna Fisher

Photography By Anna Fisher

Yaya makes all of her costumes herself. Although most of them are inspired by video games, comics, anime, sci-fi, J-pop, and fantasy, some of her costumes have been her own original concept/design.

Yaya is an extremely talented and hardworking individual. Prior to cosplaying, she actually did not know how to sew. She had to teach herself through numerous hours of trial and error – all her hard work definitely paid off! Yaya has also been nice enough to share some of her thoughts and construction notes every time she posts a new costume. You can check out her work on her deviantART and at YayaHan.com.

Recently, she started her very own YouTube channel, where she has uploaded Q&A videos, answering questions fans submitted to her through Facebook.It’s a great opportunity for fans to connect and learn more about her.


Here are two of her videos:

There is no doubt that Yaya Han has inspired many around the world, including myself. She has been in several publications, videos, visited several conventions around the world and even has her own business where she sells cosplay accessories, prints, and more at her online store.

Fox/Wolf Ears – Embellished – $20.99
Available at yayahan.bigcartel.com

Although she is currently living in Atlanta, GA, she is constantly traveling and may be visiting a convention near you. You can check here to see her travel schedule!

Jessica Rabbit
Photography By Jay Tablante

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